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Welcome to our page about the town of Laugharne. Please don't be too dissapointed if the information is not very comprehensive to begin with - more content will be added in time, if you have any suggestions please use the contact form to submit them.

The Town of Laugharne is best kown for it's connection the poet Dylan Thomas who once lived here and was inspired by the area he lived in. 

The Town of Laugharne, Carmarthenshire

Laugharne Castle
Laugharne Castle
Dylan Thomas's Boat House
Dylan Thomas's
Boat House

Laugharne, or Talacharn, as it is known in Welsh, is a small town in Carmarthenshire, on the Taf estuary.

The town is dominated by its medieval castle and it's most famous inhabitant was the poet Dylan Thomas, who lived for four years in the Boat House in Laugharne, which is now a heritage centre dedicated to his life and work.

Both Dylan and his wife Caitlin, are buried in the Churchyard at Laugharne.

The Laugharne Festival

Laugharne on Ebay

The Laugharne Festival is a constituted organisation who every three years put on a week long event featuring local talent and supported by many businesses. It raises money for the upkeep of The Cors Playing Field in Laugharne, a much used resource and regarded by many as the best playing field for children in all of Carmarthenshire. The next Laugharne Festival will be in 2012. You can find out more by visiting the Laugharne Festival website at

Laugharne Park

Overlooking Laugharne is Laugharne Park, a Seasons Holidays holiday compex. From the heights of Laugharne Park, you can see across the wide, sparkling sweep of the River Taf estuary, over part of the magnificent Bay of Carmarthen and right the way to the North Devon coast, some 30 miles away.

Attractions in and around Laugharne:

Dylan Thomas's Boat House
Laugharne Castle
Oakwood Park (approx. 20 minutes drive)
Folly Farm (approx. 20 minutes drive)
Groveland Leisure Park (15 minutes drive)
Heron's Brook (25 minutes drive)

Laugharne News:

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Laugharne Corporation:

Laugharne Corporation is an almost unique institution, and the last surviving medieval corporation in the United Kingdom. The Corporation was established in 1291 by Sir Guy de Brian, a Marcher Lord. The Corporation is presided over by the Portreeve, wearing his traditional chain of gold cockle shells, the Aldermen, and the body of Burgesses. Courts are held on a regular basis, where administration of the common fields is dealt with. The Laugharne open field system is one of only two surviving and still in use today in Britain.

Customs associated with the Corporation include the Common walk, held every three years. This event is attended by most of the young and firm local population, their number swelled by many visitors. The local pubs open at approx 5.00 in the morning, and following a liquid breakfast the throng commence a trek of some 25 miles around the boundaries of the Corporation lands. At significant historical landmarks a victim is selected to name the place. If they cannot answer, they are hoisted upside down and ceremonially beaten three times on the rear. (text from Wikipedia)

The Clocktower Laugharne Castle Laugharne Castle Boats on the River

Nearby is Pendine (10 minute drive) with its vast stretch of sandy beach on which many land speed records have been attempted and broken. Pleasant beach for seaside days out. Home of Babs Museum of Speed
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