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Carmarthenshire Business Directory

our Carmarthenshire Business Directory has a slightly new look - and as of 16th December 2009 we have reabled the sign-up of new businesses again. CLICK HERE to check if your business is listed in the Carmarthenshire Business Directory ... if it isn't then add it!


Are you running a business in Carmarthenshire? Are you planning to start a business? Do you need help and advice? There are a number of Business Support Organisations throughout Carmarthenshire, ready to help!

Carmarthenshire Business Directory

Carmarthenshire Business DirectoryWe have re-designed the look of the Carmarthenshire Business Directory, with more facilities and functionality soon to come. Click here to view the directory or click here to check if your business is listed ... if it isn't you can add it.

Banks in Carmarthenshire:

Banks can not only help with opening accounts and providing loans but often can give you information about other local help available or can put you in touch with local business people with similar interests. If you get turned down by a bank don't despair - go to the next one - not all banks have the same policies and not all bank managers have the same opinions. If you get turned down by all of them - revise your business plan!!!

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Banks in Carmarthenshire

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Business Support Grants

BUSINESSES across Carmarthenshire are being helped to market their products through a Carmarthenshire County Council initiative. A Business Promotion Support scheme has been set up which aims to raise the profile of products and services offered by companies in Carmarthenshire. Through it, financial aid is available for the production of high quality marketing products which will help contribute to the growth of businesses.
Literature, brochures, livery, vehicle sign writing, a point of sale promotion, new product launches, exhibitions, displays, graphics and improved product packaging are all eligible for grant aid.

Further information is available from Carmarthenshire County Council - contact Mr Harries on 01554 742182.

Carmarthenshire Chamber of Commerce

Carmarthenshire Chamber is an independent Company Limited by Guarantee operated on a not for profit basis. The chamber works for the interest of the local economy and supports the businesses of Carmarthenshire. It does so by providing a range of services and networking opportunities for the benefit of all local businesses, whether small or large, newly started or well established.

Carmarthenshire County Council

Carmarthenshire County Council
Carmarthenshire County Council
Support, guidance and advice for all aspects of `working' is offered by the County Council. The link below takes you to the County Council website where you will find information on training options, business sites, job opportunities, advice for potential Inward Investment projects and guidance for existing or new businesses.

Carmarthen Solicitors:

John Farr Davies
The firm specialises in domestic, agricultural and commercial conveyancing, wills and probate, together with advising the elderly, carrying out work for and advising business clients, licensing work, notarial work and many other non-contentious branches of the law.

Andrew Markham & Co
Andrew Markham & Co. Solicitors started business on 4th January 2002 with the intention of providing a range of services to clients, namely litigation, conveyancing, employment, family and mental health, and to provide a high standard of work to its client group.


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