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Ammanford (Welsh: Rhydaman) is the third largest town in Carmarthenshire, Wales, with a population approcimately 5300. Located at the end of the Amman Valley, Ammanford is an ex-mining town and serves as the main shopping centre for the surrounding area.

The Town of Ammanford, Carmarthenshire

Ammanford Arcade

Originally called 'CROSS INN', the town changed it's name to Ammanford (or the Welsh 'Rhydaman') in the year 1880 to avoid confusion with another Carmarthenshire Village of the same name.

Ammanfords growth form a small trading village at the crossroads (which gave it the original name, Cross Inn) to the town of Ammanford came through the demand for coal during the Industrial Revolution. Several companies invested in transport systems and the local mining operations demanded manpower, bringing workers from all over Britan and Ireland to Ammanford and the surrounding area.


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